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You are driven and sassy with the 'ladyboss' vibe!

3 Distinctive Traits of Your Personality ⬇️

dreamer and hustler

You are actually benefiting from having two very contradicting souls in you. At times, you can feel highly creative, curious and adventurous. At other times, you prefer routine, structure, and tradition.

In others’ eyes, you always know what you want and will always pursue your dream!  

⃕ Hybrid Social Energy & Value Deep Relationship

You may look cool from the outside and that’s because you take time to observe people and make sure if they are worth your time and effort. Once you open up, you are the best BFF one could ever ask for. You bring positive energy and motivation for your close circle!

You love a good party as much as the next girl, but can feel depleted if you don’t have quality time to recharge. Also, you value deep or intellectual conversation and listen to someone’s life stories!

⃕ Creative And Practical

Unlike others, you are able to find a good balance between new ideas and simply being practical! Armed with a powerful intellect and vivid imagination, you are able to consider tried and true methods, but can also think outside of the box! 

💡Fun Fact: Do you know that people with your personality traits often are great in overcoming obstacles that seem unbeatable to most? In life, especially at work, you will often stand out because you are being naturally engaged and interested in being productive and helpful.

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A Lil Shine ⭐️ You naturally carry the aura and charm in your style

Bringing Unique personality into your style

⃕ You are both trendy and classic

As you benefit from having 2 contradicting souls, your style says the same too! You have a good balance of both classy and trendy pieces in your wardrobe.

Your styles could swing from red lips with high heels to a comfy home look based on your mood and energy.

⃕ You naturally carry the confident aura

You are confident and it shows in your style! You are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

You grow to understand yourself well and often know your strength. You are not afraid of wearing dresses that hug your body perfectly. 

⃕ You like to appear as dependable & practical

For work, you are always dressed appropriately and carry the image of someone who is dependable and practical!

Your style stands the test of time. Your clothings are often not overly complicated but looks chic and put together.

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