Candylicious x EyeMuse

Brand Story

Brand Story


From a home-based online business to a reputable online brand, we’ve come a long way distributing color contact lenses in the Asian market, especially Malaysia. Get to know more about us!

We are a Malaysian-grown online brand specializing in designing and distributing high quality contact lenses. We are certified under GDPMD system in Malaysia. We practice the “Quality Management System” that ensures an appropriate management and control of contact lens distribution. We take pride in providing quality contact lenses at affordable prices, coupled with a fast delivery service.

Since 2009, the founder, YY has started the business of contact lens trading and brought in a few famous South Korea brands to the Malaysian market such as GEO, GnG, EOS, Dueba & Vassen. In 2012, we started to produce our house brand “Candylicious”, which is manufactured solely in South Korea. Thanks to the support of many Malaysian customers, our company has grown rapidly within a short period of time. This has given us more resources to constantly launch new designs and to focus more on improving our products. Today, the brand Candylicious is carrying more than 100 designs that are all manufactured with premium quality.

In 2016, we managed to launch another house brand, “EyeMuse”, that is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and which guarantee a more comfortable wearing experience. EyeMuse also focuses more on in-house designed contact lenses which are rarely available in the market. We strive to bring our loyal customers the style beyond the trend. After years of research and trial, we will launch “EyeMuse S” in 2019. EyeMuse S carries silicon hydrogel contact lenses that are thin, soft and also allows high oxygen permeability. We are ready to give you a better option for your eyes.

We fall and we rise. We learn and we improve. We prioritize customer feedback more than anything else. Quoted from the famous apparel brand Uniqlo, “Who you are, what you believe in: that’s what you wear every day.” That is what we are striving for. We promise to constantly evolve to bring you safer eye-products, better designs, more styles and better comfort to your daily life.

Written by Jane (YuhYing) 
Founder of Candylicious x EyeMuse

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