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You are adventurous, fun and wild

3 Distinctive Traits of Your Personality ⬇️

⃕ hybrid of free-spirit and goal-getter

This is your hidden power! You are able to shift from responsible mode to fun mode and back again!

You prefer to learn through life experience rather than from a boring textbook. To you, the world is meant to be felt and experienced! Sometimes, you feel confused about what you value more: in-the-moment fun experiences or worldly success. But only through real life experience, you will learn to embrace who you are.

⃕ Chill and Not Competitive

You’re a good team player! You are not overly competitive, but also happy to work alone. 

You know when to lead, but are always happy to let others shine. You can argue your point when necessary, but also know which battles are worth picking.

⃕ Enthusiastic and Excellent People Skill

You always bring a good and fun vibe to people around you! You almost never run out of things to talk about. You pay attention to people. Your happiness often stems from time spending with people you enjoy being with!

💡Fun Fact: Do you know that most people with your personality traits often have a unique quality where they mirror the mood around them. When people around you are sad or happy, you would mirror the energy and reflect in your mood. 

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Wildest Dream ⭐️ You stand out bold and trendy in style

Bringing Unique personality into your style

⃕ You are fun and always on-trend

As you grow through experiences, your style will change from time to time too. But one thing never changes–You’ll always have some trendy pieces in your wardrobe.

You love fun and it shows a lot in your style. You may be a little clumsy in nature but you definitely know how to style yourself up for every outing!

⃕ You keep the childlike sense of life

There is a little girl staying in your heart forever, and you keep the
creativity and adventurous nature very well. You’re more open to new trend than most people!

You usually like to offset grown-up looks with bold colors, youthful touches such as sneakers. Your look never ceases to keep up with the times without sacrificing your own individual style.

⃕ You’re not afraid to stand out

You love exploring and are not afraid to stand out. From dark maroon lipsticks to a perfectly winged cat-eye make up, you can pull it off so easily!

Your style tends to have plenty of contrasts. You can mix florals with tougher pieces or bright neon sneakers on top full black outfits coupled with accessories when it feels right.

Wildest Dream Must Try Lenses ⬇️

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