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You are supportive, soft-hearted and cheerful!

3 Distinctive Traits of Your Personality ⬇️

⃕ A Natural go-getter & good team player

As a natural go-getter, you are organised and responsible! You enjoy planning out long-term goals, and working hard to achieve them. Generally, you tend to have a place for everything, and are mostly on top of all your paperwork and duties. You are cautious and prefer to think things through. 

Generally, you don’t work alone. You’re a good team player and you expect your reliability and work ethic to be reciprocated! You allow no one to jeopardise you through incompetence or laziness.

⃕ Loyal, Caring and Generous

You are the sweetest friend and soulmate that one could ever ask for! Wherever you are, be it at work or with family, you are the person who just keep on giving. You always bring fun and romance into life. You are great in bringing families and communities together.

⃕ Soft-hearted but not weak

You’re kind, soft-hearted but definitely not weak! You don’t compete so much as you generally believe it’s better to be happy than to be right.

However, if your friend or family is bullied, you will stand up for them and fight till the end! (For real.. your friends and family are lucky to have you.)

💡Fun Fact: Do you know that most people with your personality traits are known for their reliability? You are good at creating and maintaining a secure and stable environment for yourself and your loved ones. You always keep your word and are very responsible to your family, company and community!

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Be My Valentine ⭐️ Your cheerfulness shines through your daily look

Bringing Unique personality into your style

⃕ You tend to prefer soft, warm, cheerful style

You are happy and worry-free most of the time; therefore you love your upbeat joyful looks! 

Cheerful with healthy glow is your favourite look. You often lean towards peachy eyeshadow or blush in a warm tone if you are in the mood to put on light makeup! 

⃕ You love a mix of everything

Fashion is more about fun and self-expression. So your wardrobe is likely to have a mixture of beautiful fabrics, vibrant colors, feminine dresses and vintage pieces.

You are quite adventurous in trying different styles. BUT others’ insensitive comments may sometimes hurt your feelings and you may start doubting yourself.

⃕ You are good with accessories

Do you know that people like you are generally very good in styling your look with fashion accessories?

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings.. You have a great taste to match them with your daily outfits. Something small, not too much but brilliantly uplifts the whole look!

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EyeMuse is a lifestyle brand, specialising in the in-house designed lenses. It's also an award-winning brand with more than 20,000 across Southeast Asia.
We design and make the best contact lenses based on your personality and style. At EyeMuse, we strongly believe that everyone, including you, deserves to feel beautiful and confident for being your most authentic self. Explore the world with your beautiful eyes and glow with confidence!
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