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3 Distinctive Traits of Your Personality ⬇️


You value simplicity and transparency in life. You do not like complicated situation.

⃕ Build Meaningful Relationship

You keep a social circle that you’ve cultivated over time. When catching up with people, you generally prefer small groups or a one-on-one with a good friend.

⃕ Calm and Stable

You have happy soul! You’re able to keep calm in emotional situations much better than most people, allowing you to focus on practical matters. Your friends love your stable nature. Drama free!

💡Fun Fact: Do you know that people with your personality traits often find strength in creating their own space? You need time alone to regather energy and restore your calm. Therefore you are good at spending quality time with yourself!

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Back to Natural ⭐️ You Feel Most Comfortable In Natural Style

Bringing Unique personality into your style

⃕ You don’t often dress to stand out

You don’t feel the need to shout about who you are, and this is reflected in the way you look.

You don’t often dress to stand out – you don’t crave for the added attention. You wear simple basic clothes that make you feel comfortable! 

⃕ Non-flashy, Minimalist and Natural

You’re often on the quiet side. Having too much attention on you can make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you’re an introvert.

So you feel best with a non-flashy, comfy home look or simple shirt and jeans when catching up with your good friend.

⃕ You’re slow to anger and calm

Smile is the best make up that you put on every day.

Since you’re slow to anger and calm in emotional situations, you can swing towards darker hues or more earth tone, cheerful colors, depending on your mood… but simple, clean and comfortable is the key!

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