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Hi MuseFam,

We want to celebrate you.

🌟 Thank you for challenging yourself to be a better you.

🌟 Thank you for taking the time to make yourself look great everyday.

🌟 Thank you for supporting us and growing together with us.

You make EyeMuse feels like a family.
Happy Birthday #MuseFam

Beauty is not an equation
that is addition of this or subtraction of that.
We are all different.

In EyeMuse, we encourage girls to be unapologetically true to themselves, confident and comfortable in wearing own style.

We help you to see the uniqueness in yourself and enhance your style throughout the journey of self-discovery.

Let’s together walk through EyeMuse self-discovery journey:

Every little steps that we have taken, are inspired by you.

Thank you to be with us throughout this amazing journey!

Now is our give back time, just for you

and all of our invited MuseFam who support us all these while.

When you active the key,  you will :


You are eligible to be #MuseFam VIP, if you have:


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