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The only time of the year that EyeMuse is
- and you’re gonna use the lenses either way, so.... stop waiting! Let’s choose your favourite lenses now!
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"10/10 recommend EyeMuse. It’s really worth a try. U will definitely love it!” ~ Kimmyliim
Here's Everything You'll Get During Double 11

Stack Your Deal

Join us on IG livestream to see the lens real wearing effect and you may win some awesome gifts!
Great deal for beginner or if it’s your first time trying out EyeMuse and wanting to get only few pairs to try out!
Get the BEST deal of all: Add 5 pairs of lenses to your cart, and 1 pair will automatically be FREE.
Order up to RM180 to get your all-time favorite deal. Friends from East Malaysia, you can enjoy it too!

Does this sound like you?

"I tried out many other brands and I could actually feel the lenses in my eyes."
"I have very sensitive eyes. Very sien sometimes I'll get lenses that I cannot wear." (For curious cat, ‘sien'=I am done)
"Dropped my transparent clear lens and it was gone forever.."
"Bought lenses that look very nice online but it look different when I got the actual lens. It’s not nice... waste my money..."
“Hi, total beginner here. I’m scared of putting the lenses inside my eyes. I'm worried that I might get any infection or some sort of that."
“Wore glasses for whole day and it left a deep mark beside my nose. I feel like the mark is gonna stay on my face forever lol"

Who is Suitable For EyeMuse Lenses

Say GoodBye to the heavy glasses! Enjoy fresh and clear vision like never before with lenses designed to be durable and easy to take care.
EyeMuse lenses cover from prescription as low as -0.50 to as high as -10.00! You don’t wear glasses? You can grab our Plano(-0.00) lenses too.
You have sensitive eyes and you worry getting lenses that may leave you feeling uncomfortable?
EyeMuse lenses are produced with certified partners only! We deliver products with the highest quality for your precious eyes. But with contacts, there is no one size fit all.
With contact lenses, there is no one size fit all.
That’s why our team is dedicated to help you understanding your own eye condition and choose the right pair of lenses through online chat service and eye check in retail store.
We have the BEST customer support service. You will never be left alone in this journey. Read reviews from happy customers!!
When it comes to styles, we’re all unique, right? That’s why EyeMuse lenses are thoughtfully designed to cater to four major personalities and styles.
You can choose lenses from 'Natural Minimalist', 'Elegant Girlboss', ’Sweet Girly Girl' to ‘Adventurous Dreamer’.

Wonder what’s your style? Click here to take this free personality Quiz.

"Tried out Eyemuse because of good review from my friend. It's really comfortable and nice even after wearing for hours ."


"Packaging, then followed by the quality its really good; also, the customer service is so nice!!! Try it! For sure that u wont regret!"


"I've never switched brands after using Eyemuse lenses because I trust this brand so much."


About EyeMuse

EyeMuse is a lifestyle brand, specialising in the in-house designed lenses. It's also an award-winning brand with more than 30,000 customers across Southeast Asia.
We design and make the best contact lenses to fit every women with different style and personality – may they be adventurous, feminine, natural, or elegant. We hope to inspire our EyeMuse community to embrace their inner confidence and transform into whoever they want to be – with better vision, better style, and a better you!
EyeMuse lens checking
EyeMuse consumer award2-2
EyeMuse Consumer Award

About EyeMuse

EyeMuse is a lifestyle brand, specialising in the in-house designed lenses. It's also an award-winning brand with more than 30,000 of users across the Southeast Asia.
We design and make the best contact lenses to fit every women with different style and personality – may they be adventurous, feminine, natural, or elegant. We hope to inspire our EyeMuse community to embrace their inner confidence and transform into whoever they want to be – with better vision, better style, and a better you!
EyeMuse lens checking
EyeMuse consumer award2-2
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Personality Quiz
Discover Your Style

Have 1 minute? Find lenses based on your style!

Find Contact Lenses Based on Styles


Wildest Dream

  • Wild, love to play, fun
  • Hunting lenses for your party look
  • Mad love with bright color lenses
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Be My

Be My Valentine

  • Enhance the feminine, girlish style
  • Warm, cheerful look
  • Lenses with lovely puppy eyes effect
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Back To

Back To Natural

  • Natural, minimalist style
  • Perfect for daily natural look
  • Can wear it with or without make up
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A Lil

A Lil Shine

  • Elegant, lady-boss style
  • Bring out the natural sassy aura
  • Soft and bright design, easy to go with light make up
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Is This Right For Me?

If you’re anything like the countless people we’ve talked to where your lens wearing experience is NOT always great, you gotta give EyeMuse a try. Read these real reviews by our generous customers!
You don’t want to waste money getting another pair of uncomfortable lenses and letting those unwanted lenses sitting at the rack, collecting dusk....
There is a better world with contact lenses, and EyeMuse's going to show you how it feels like! Get your EyeMuse lenses now!

Reviews from EyeMuse's Users

“She’s the thought leader for the next generation.”
“Marie Forleo—always the first to jump in and champion other women—is an inspiration to me.”
“Marie breaks down complex problems so they are easy to solve.”

Read this 280 words review from our customer

Was hesitant to try this brand at first, because I didn’t want to take the risk to try any other brands that might cause irritation to my eyes.

My sister strongly recommended me so I thought just give it a try since the price point is quite affordable.

I wanted something very natural but at the same time making me looking different than usual so I tried this. The actual colour of this lens under room lighting is much more subtle than what is shown in this picture, and unless that light is super bright, it hardly realisable, which MIGHT be a good thing if you want to look natural! People could hardly tell if you’re wearing lens. They probably think you have natural brown eyes. If you’re going for something more obvious than this, maybe Dahlia isn’t the best for you. But it’s perfect for people who want it to be VERY VERY VERY subtle and natural. Another thing I realised is that once you have makeup on, the colour might look a bit more obvious.

In terms of comfort level, I have normal eyes. It usually lasts from 6.30 am to 4pm for me before things get blurry. On certain days I have to use eyedrops at 12pm -ish if I am feeling dehydrated.

I have tried another brand before with double of the price, and the comfort level is the same as Eye Muse, so I think this is definitely a great option for its affordable price point for such a comfortable lens.

It comes with a free case too (awesome!) I like this design/colour. Hope Eye Muse could have something similar in olive green in the (VERY) natural range!


(She was reviewing EyeMuse’s Back to Natural design – Dahlia Natural Brown.)

One more thing...

I wore lenses since 15. Since young age, I’ve tried lenses from optical shops, online retailers, even flea markets—I’ve explored them all!

As I grew older, I became increasingly conscious of what I put on my body (think diet products and, of course, lenses too).

That’s one of the key reasons why EyeMuse exists.

I care as much as you about what we put on our eyes. You can have 200% confidence that these lenses are safe to wear and comfortable!

On top of that, at EyeMuse, we are all about comfortable wearing experience INSIDE OUT. Meaning, you don’t wear lenses that don’t feel like YOU! No matter what style you are, you will find lenses that suit you here at EyeMuse.

I believe that we all should be able to wear lenses that perfectly align with our personal style, without feeling pressured to follow ever-changing trends 😉

– YuhYing, Founder of EyeMuse

What Are You Waiting for? 👋🏼

FAQ = You Asked I answered

How long will the Double 11 sale last?

The sale starts on November 3rd and run till 12nd. (Extended to 13rd)

What promotion do you have?

We have 3 promotions! 

  • Storewide 5% – including all contact lenses and accessories. Best deal if you want to get just 2-3 pairs to try out!
  • Bundle set – Buy 4 Free 1. On top of the 5% discount, you can get 1 pair free lens of your own choice when you purchase 4 pairs of contact lenses.
  • Free shipping – Order up to RM180 to get your all-time favorite deal. Friends from East Malaysia, you can enjoy it too!

How to get the Buy 4 Free 1 deal?

Special Offer: Buy 4 Pairs of Lenses, Get 1 Pair FREE!

Yay! You can enjoy amazing savings during our Double 11 sale. Simply add 5 pairs of your favorite lenses to your cart, and one pair will be automatically deducted as FREE. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favorite styles while saving big. Happy shopping!

What’s the best deal?

Smart Tip: Grab 6 Pairs of Contact Lenses for the Best Deal!

Here’s why…..

✔️ You’ll receive a 5% discount on all your items.

✔️ 1 pair will automatically be deducted as free, so you only pay for 5 pairs of lenses.

✔️ And you can enjoy FREE shipping too!!

Are the lenses all ready stock?

Yes! All lenses listed on website are ready stock and ready to be shipped.

Are the products on sale genuine and of good quality?

Yes! Rest assured that all products on sale during Double 11 are genuine, and we maintain our commitment to quality. Click here to read more about our brand quality control.

Is free shipping available during Double 11?

Yes! This Double11, we are offering free shipping across Malaysia for orders of RM 180 or more.

How do I track my order during the Double 11 rush?

You can track your order by logging into your account and using the provided tracking number OR find the tracking number in your order fulfilment email.

Can I change my order or address after placing order?

Double-check all prescriptions, colors, and addresses before placing your order. All orders are final once placed.

Due to the high volume of messages, we may not be able to assist with changes to the order/address before it is processed by the fulfillment team. Assistance is possible, but not guaranteed.

Please send your request with the Order ID to [email protected]

How long does it take to arrive?

Important Shipping Information for Double 11:

During the Double 11 sale, order volumes are exceptionally high. Our team is committed to ensuring your orders are processed efficiently, but please be aware of the following timelines:

  • Order Processing: Please allow 2-3 working days for our fulfillment team to pack your order.
  • Parcel Collection: Once packed, our postman will collect your parcel within 1 day.

For deliveries:

  • Malaysia Addresses: Delivery may take approximately 3-7 days.
  • Singapore Addresses: Delivery is estimated to take about 5-7 days.

Please place your order if you are comfortable with these timeframes. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this busy period.

What payment methods are accepted during Double 11?

We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and online payment platforms. Check our website for a list of accepted methods.

Can I return or exchange products purchased during the Double 11 sale?

Our standard return and exchange policy applies to products purchased during the sale. Please check our return policy for details.

Clearance items are not eligible for return, refund or exchange.

Where are the lenses from?

Our lenses are all imported from South Korea. Our brand is certified in both Korea and Malaysia. Click here to read our origin.

Do I need a promo code to access the Double 11 discounts?

Discounts will be automatically applied. You just have to add the lenses into cart 😉

Do you have daily lens?

Currently, we only have 1 month disposable lens and 3 months disposable lens. Click here to see product comparison in our HomePage.

How can I purchase prescription lenses during the Double 11 sale?

To purchase prescription lenses, you can follow these steps:

  • Our contact lenses can be used to aid in improving myopic vision (shortsightedness). Our contact lenses cannot correct astigmatism. 
  • During the ordering process, you’ll have the option to input your prescription details from -0.50 to -10.00

Can I purchase lenses even if I don't have shortsightedness or vision correction needs?

  • Absolutely! Our selection of lenses includes not only prescription lenses but also non-prescription (plano) lenses.
  • These non-prescription lenses are perfect for those who want to change their eye color and add a touch of style without vision correction.
  • You can still enjoy our Double 11 discounts on non-prescription lenses  😉 
  • During the ordering process, choose the option -0.00 for both of your left and right eyes

What if I have a different prescription for each eye?

  • If you have different prescriptions for your right and left eyes, you can select and customize the prescription for each eye separately during the ordering process.
  • Our website allows you to specify the prescription details for your right and left eyes 😉

There are so many lenses. I do not know how to choose!

We understand it can be overwhelming with so many options. 💛 We offer these resources to assist you:

  1. Take a quick free personality quiz to discover which styles suit you best. Click here.
  2. Visit our Instagram page @eyemuse_official and DM us with the keyword “Soulmate” for personalized recommendations.

Happy shopping 🥰

How to check my order status and tracking number?

To check your order status, simply log in to the website and search for ‘My Account.’

Once order is shipped, we will send you tracking number via email too 💌

Safe and certified

EyeMuse works with partner manufacturers that are recognised in all of these countries! (Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Canada, Australia)

Start typing to see products you are looking for.

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